Fall Wedding Inspiration
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Tuesday, August 15, 2017
By The Lange Farm
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If you're Pinterest obsessed AND planning a Fall wedding, THIS post is for you.  In the first installment of our inspiration series, we're sharing two of our favorite color inspiration & fall food trends, as found on Pinterest, for your viewing pleasure. 

Stay tuned as we continue these posts every couple of weeks.  


We love the inspiration above because it's neutral, but also a bit on the "moody" side. The gray and gold would be great as mixed metals for your tablescape (vases, chargers, silverware, linens) & great for glam or muted bridesmaids gowns.


The inspiration below is quintessential fall. Some of our favorite weddings have included deep burgundy and orange tones because it feels so rich and inviting. It exudes "cozy luxury" and there are so many stunning floral options with the palette too! We especially love that this palette allows you to incorporate fruits- from pomegranates to grapes- which adds beautiful depth & textural variety, as well as a unique element. It's also a great starting point for a winery theme. 

Fall foods are some of our favorite of the year. Especially because we have so many gorgeous outdoor spaces that you can set these up at!  In our opinion, s'mores are an all year round kind of treat. BUT, some of these other delights just seem better when there is a chill in the year.  From caramel apples to apple cider & hot cocoa stations, fall is a great season for foodies!

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