Meet the Team: Danielle
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Friday, September 09, 2016
By The Lange Farm
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We have an awesome staff here at The Lange Farm! Although we're a team, each couple has their own coordinator. So we thought it might be nice for you to get to know each of them a little bit before meeting them in person. First up is Danielle Clarke, who just celebrated her 1st anniversary working for The Lange Farm!

"Prior to being a wedding coordinator, I was in Social Services, with a specialization in individuals with a mental illness. It was rewarding in many ways but now that I am in this field I wouldn’t trade it for a thing! I love all of the details and variety that goes into event planning!" 

If she wasn't working for The Lange Farm, she would be an entrepreneur in the event planning industry, working more hands on with couples from day one! But she says “working for a venue such as the Lange Farm, with such a history in the industry, would be tough to give up!”

Danielle's couples tend to be laid back, yet excited and energetic. They enjoy the planning process and adore each other. They want the day to be about their love and the overall guest experience. They give themselves a good amount of time to make decisions and love the details! 

We asked her to share a few tips for our couples related to planning. Here is what she said... 

 “My top planning tip for couples is to make sure that they are making decisions based off of their needs, not others. This day is supposed to be about them, and so many couples let other people determine the details of their wedding. It really can get stressful if they worry too much about others.”

Number one tip for engaged couple…..ENJOY YOUR ENGAGEMENT! Couples receive so much pressure from society to “pick a date” once they get engaged and they never get to enjoy this next phase of their lives. Other than that, going into the planning process with a specific date needed can limit your options, so try to keep an open mind!

When Danielle's not working, you might find her getting doing some yoga, hanging out with her adorable puppy or drinking a glass of red wine. Danielle has her own sense of style and loves to incorporate all different colors into her wardrobe so she can really appreciate any color choices made by couples!   During her down time you might catch her perusing one of her favorite websites, Aisle Society or swooning over The Bloom Workshop's Instagram! If you want to speak with Danielle directly, her email is

Stay tuned for our next meet the team post, we will introduce you to Lesa!


Thank you to Michele Renee the Studio for hair and makeup and Shayna Rae Photography for the shot!  

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