Preferred Vendor Spotlight: Grant Hemond & Associates
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Thursday, October 06, 2016
By The Lange Farm
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We're so excited to introduce our new Preferred Vendor Spotlight series! We have several preferred vendors in each service category, and we couldn't be more proud to spend some time letting you get to know them.  We know it can be a daunting decision to select your vendors, and we aim to help you make an educated choice. Without further ado, allow us to introduce you to one of our favorite entertainment companies in the Tampa area, Grand Hemond & Associates!

What makes Grant Hemond & Associates unique from other entertainment companies? Our DJ Associates are full-time partners in the business that perform at over a 150 events a piece annually. This is not a part-time or sideline job for them. We specifically cater to our bride and grooms taste. Basically, your wish is our command. We are also one of the only DJ companies in the area with full-time staff that is here M-F, 9a-5p to assist new or existing customers.

How many associates do you have? We currently have 18 DJ associates and three full-time ladies who work in our office.

What is your favorite part of the reception? We love everything about our receptions! Especially when the dance floor is packed! But going over the details before the reception is fun for us because we can really get a feel for what our clients tastes are and help with things they might not have thought of.

What is your favorite thing about The Lange Farm? The ambiance and staff without a doubt! The Lange Farm is a very unique, beautiful venue. Their staff is TOP notch and always available for their vendors and clients. We love working there!!

If a couple is stuck on first dance song, what are your top suggestions?  The first dance is a very personal choice. That’s something we try to leave up to them. We do have multiple links on our website though that can get them thinking in the right direction.

What is a piece of advice that you could give to a couple that's torn between a DJ and a Band? A band and a DJ are really comparing oranges and apples. A band has a completely different feel. Its live music obviously and it’s one volume. Also with a DJ you have a much wider selection of music to choose from while listening to the original artist. Not someone else’s rendition. Cost is also a big one. Bands will typically be much more expensive. DJ do not take breaks. Bands will sometimes take breaks. If you can afford both you can have the best of both worlds!!   

When a couple is searching for wedding vendors, what reputable channels do you recommend they consider?  We suggest using websites like and  We proudly hold the distinct title of the most reviewed wedding vendor in the southeast United States on wedding wire and are in the knot hall of fame. Also the venue you are booking can always give good suggestions. Keep in mind they work with wedding vendors every weekend and know who is professional and reliable.

If you could tell couples only one thing about their wedding day planning, what would it be?  RELAX and trust the people you’ve hired. You have picked them for a reason. Trust them and enjoy your big day!!

To get in touch with the team, you can email them at or call at 727-736-2316You can also visit their website here and Facebook here.

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