Why Do I Need Wedding Insurance? Here's Why!
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Thursday, July 20, 2017
By The Lange Farm
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There are a ton of decisions to make when planning your wedding. And even more paperwork. You could make your head spin thinking about all the contract terms you have to read through. Contracts are important- and you should have one with every vendor. We know that vendors running the "business" side of things during such a special time in peoples life feels downright bleh. We know there isn't much warm and fuzzy about legalities. But, we also know, having a signature on a piece of paper can bring enormous peace of mind and relief!  But navigating the language before and during the decision can be a headache. 

Most venues, us included, list in our agreement that we're aren't responsible for acts of God, or other scenarios that could lead to the cancellation of the wedding. Although it feels a bit one-sided, it's a pretty standard clause. That said,  we're still in your corner!  We want you to have all the information you need to make educated decisions and protect this important investment. SO, here we are talking about the not so fun, but oh so important. Wedding Insurance! 

WedSure, WedSafe, The Event Helper and Protect My Wedding are the most well-known companies that provide coverage strictly for weddings and other special events. However, many other insurance companies offer options that can be added on to your homeowner's policy as well, including Allstate, Nationwide, and MetLife.

Let's face it, things happen! Some within our control, most completely out of our control. And being in Florida, we know hurricanes and thunderstorms are a reality! Although we've been very fortunate implementing backup plans with our couples, some things are out of our area of expertise. Wedding insurance can help with a multitude of scenarios, including Postponement or cancellation due to weather, illness or deployment, change of heart (not all plans), bodily injury, failure to perform as contracted (vendor related) and/or damage to a venue. 

WedSafe breaks down Wedding Liability vs. Wedding Cancellation on their by saying "Understand the difference between wedding liability insurance and wedding cancellation insurance. They are both referred to simply as wedding insurance, however, they provide very different types of protection for you, your venue, and your wedding. Be certain that when comparing different wedding insurance plans, you have the option to buy Liability or Cancellation coverage individually, or both together, depending on your needs."

 We have included a sample insurance coverage chart from WedSafe below. 

Most wedding insurance policies can be purchased for under $250. Which is a small price to pay for the protection you get. Although we hope you never have to use insurance, knowing it's there certainly brings a level of comfort to our couples!  

Check out this article about Wedding Insurance 101 from The Knot too. 

Also, an important caveat that we have to note. We aren't professional insurance agents, so please make sure to speak with a licensed agent about coverage! 

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